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Guidance for Your Commercial or Residential Real Estate Transaction and Litigation

The law firm of Wilson, Harrell, Farrington, Ford, Wilson, Spain & Parsons, P.A., in Pensacola, Florida, handles residential and commercial litigation, transactions and real estate closings. In this difficult economic climate, it is imperative that you know your legal rights and responsibilities. The firm’s attorneys can advise you regarding such matters as financing, titles, liability insurance and prior encumbrances.

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The firm’s attorneys are resourceful, experienced advocates who are well versed in diligently and efficiently resolving disputes over such matters as:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Home purchases
  • Lease enforcement or modification of terms
  • Specific performance

The firm provides the advice and guidance you need to successfully progress through a commercial or residential real estate transaction.

Effective, Efficient Representation for Your Mortgage, Sale or Purchase

For home purchases, the lawyers will review purchase agreements, monitor the closing process and help you resolve any issues that impede the timely progress of your purchase or sale. The attorneys also have experience in receiving or delivering a clean title.  William Farrington oversees the mortgage division of our law firm. Closing agent Lisa Durant-Thompson is based in our Perdido, Florida, office at 850-497-1399, fax 850-497-1350.

They handle such matters as mortgage refinancing and foreclosures (mortgages; representing homeowners and businesses). The firm’s lawyers also accept cases involving corporation and business law matters. Their representative clients include individuals and businesses.

Contact the firm at 850-438-1111 or 888-543-0905 or fill out the online form on this website for a free case review to see how the firm can help with your case, assess your options and answer questions.

Perdido office (staffed by closing agent Lisa Durant-Thompson):
(850) 497-1399
14758 Perdido Key Drive
Pensacola, FL 32507
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